Friday, January 8, 2010

Custom Delorean DMC-12 Back To The Future

i had finish my BTTF DeLorean usine everything i could find in my house that is suitable for me.for me,i am satisfied with the result and it is really very very hard to scratch built those things coz this is 1/64 small!!

let the pictures do the talking


danielh said...

one of your best custom! really like those details and wirings.
Keep up the good works!

RikMun said...

thanks bro!

Uncle Bulk said...

Wow bro very greatly detailed version :D Nice one!!

RikMun said...


Phil said...

The Delorean looks amazing! Do you have the Back To The Future versions that were released by Hot Wheels (Japan) a few years back? They are great and I highly recommend picking them up if you're a fan of the movies.

Kin said...

Hi RikMun,

Firstly sorry for the late reply.

It looks in the movie "Back to the future" car.

But nice work you got there.


Ernesto said...

Wow, that Delorean it's great, i've been looking for one since i saw the movie. All i could find it´s the golden model made by hotwheels and it doesn't look the same. I 've been a collector all my life, you could check my collection at if you have the time please visit my collection it's under the name st.james collection. It would be gret if you could show your great collection there too. Please visit and vote for one of my cars. thanks