Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Small MotorShow

Today,Jalan Hot Wheels is closed because there is a small motorshow held there.its was organized by Rikmun Custom.Hot Wheels Racing inported two special cars for the show,Dodge Charger Stock Car n the Chaparral 2D.Rikmun Custom itself brought along two custom cars,Dodge RAM1500 n Mitsubishi Eclipse Convertible.The Dodge Ram is special b'coz its Rikmun Custom's most expensive custom before.It have a 49" Panasonic Viera on the rear,1200 watt 12" Pioneer Subwoofer n Speakers,8K Philips Xenon Headlight,highest Shot Nitrous tank from Nitrous Express,PS3 n XBOX 360.The Eclipse is also the same except the LCD tv.The other small tuner is also there such as the Evo7 Rally Replica,Impreza,TopSecret 3507,custom made GTR32 and also the Replica NSX Super GT.this show is only held for 1 day.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

CustomZZ:custom made mystery car..

materials used:-
a carded car
pvc black tape


Small little diorama

my maisto trailers with hotwheels exotics n ferraris

my 1st blog.....

its my 1st blog...i fell like making a blog bout cars to join wit the toy cars collector the