Saturday, January 15, 2011

Custom Hotwheels Time Attack Cusco Honda Civic Si

My latest custom!Another Time Attack car!A Honda Civic Si!
-Carbonfibres on the Hood,Top,Rear boot and Side skirts.
-fabricate the front diffusers,side diffusers and rear spoiler,side canards.
-rear exhaust from cotton buds
-matchbox wheels
-front air filter.
-custom sunroof




Friday, January 7, 2011

Custom Hotwheels Time Attack Honda S2000

Im back!This time,i'll try and provide more customs of mine!NowAdd Video,start with the freshly released Honda S2000 from Hotwheels!Superb casting!Mattel,You did a superb job of it!The only thing I dont like is the Spoiler.So in my custom,I chop it off and scratchbuilt one GT-wing.Scratchbuilt diffusers from the front till the end.Waterslides decals supplied by Cham!Thanks bro for supplying such fine and exquisite decals!Obviously,wheels are from matchbox.Also scratchbuilted,Side mirrors,number plates.Thats all.Enjoy!