Thursday, April 2, 2009

The 'Syok' of collecting Hotwheels

Walk to the street,if u saw some male kids...ask them 'do you know what is HotWheels?'...8/10 of them will reply...'Yaya!!they are my fave toys.So,nobody in this world doesn't knows what is HotWheels.everybody recognizes the Red Flaming Hot Wheels logo.

HotWheels cars from Mattel were first introduced in 1968,Mattel released thier first line of 16 models of fantasy custom cars with names like Python,Custom Cougar and Hot Heap.The lowered front ends and raised rear wheels was "California Custom", and in the case of the 1969 Corvette, this was the first real look for the public for the real McCoy. Sales were excellent. By 1969, with sales 10 times higher than anticipated, Mattel expanded its model line to 40. The next year, 1970, saw 33 new cars, and 35 in 1971. This was also the last year that Hot Wheels were made in U.S.A., and the first year that Mattel used the Hot Wheels name as promotions at drag strips. 1972 was slow year, as the cars did not sell as well, so only seven new models appeared.

Now,more and more types of HotWheels released.Most collectors hunts for T-Hunt or full name Treasure Hunt.T-Hunt is divided into two versions,the Regular n Super(T-hunt$).Regular is same as other cars,but,the Super is the one that everyone will be craving for each time they go hunting(deliberately go out to search for Hotwheels).Its easy to differentiate the regular n super T-hunt.A T-hunt$ have a Spectraflame Paint,Premium Rubber Tyres from Hot Wheels and a dollar sign($) on the card.So,If u saw one of these,grab it.You will never regret.Just like the Slogan 'HotWheels For Life'.Below are a example picture of a regular and super T-Hunt.

The Right one is a Super(T-Hunt$) and the left one is a regular
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In 2008,HotWheels celebrate 40th anniversary.Most of the card is Printed a 40th anniversary logoHot Wheels Created a Programme called The Designer's Challenge.The Challenge for each automotive manufacturer was to create a car that truly captured the brand's values of speed,power,performance and attitude while also retaining the distinct attributes of each company's brand essence.All submissions were judged by the Hotwheels Designers,Collector and automotive journalists.The Manufacturer that is selected by the panel judges are the Ford Gangster Grin by Steven Gilmore,HotWheels HW40 Jun Imai,Dodge XP-07 by Marc Reisen,Lotus Concept by Steven Crijns,GM Chevroletor by Amaury Diaz Serrano,Honda Racer Guillermo Gonzalez and the Mitsubishi Double Shotz by Gary Ragle.

I started collecting Hotwheels when Im a small child.I do anything about cars.I play cars,I draw cars,I talk cars,I sleep cars,I dream Cars,I eat......wait...i don't eat cars.i stopped collecting HotWheels when Im 10 years old.My Dad say im already a big boy,still wanna play with cars?.So,I stopped.Then It Started in end 2006 when i saw a Dodge Challenger Concept.Then i buy it with my own money.Then thats how it started.Now i only have around 100++ HotWheels because of tight budget.Now,My dad started to understands me that collecting HotWheels is my only hobby.He sometime also bringing home with a plastic bag with some HotWheels inside and so do my aunty does.When I joined Hot Wheels Collectors Malaysia,then only I know Treasure Hunt is so special and limited.So far I only have 2 T-Hunt,2x Drift King Regular.One traded to my friend Enyo that i knew in Hot Wheels Collectors Malaysia.I Hope I can find more Thunt in the future.PY please 'Zam Zam' me..xDD...

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